Shopee introduces Shopee AutoMall

By ahmadzulizwan, 15 May 2019

What can you not buy on the internet nowadays? The list goes shorter by the day, and count cars and motorcycles out of it too because e-commerce portal Shopee is also offering the convenience of purchasing your next vehicle with just a few mouse clicks. It’s called Shopee AutoMall, and you can browse, compare, book and the purchase a wide range of cars and motorcycles complete with exclusive Shopee-exclusive deals and promotions.

After you’ve made your choice, all you need to do is complete the booking forms online and wait for a dealer representative to contact you within three business days to set up an appointment. The actual transaction and paperwork will happen at the dealership.

Shopee claims that booking fees can be as low as RM1 with interest rates that start from 1.81 per cent per annum.

It has been two weeks since Shopee AutoMall was introduced and the site has said that close to 100 orders have been recorded. This number includes cars and two-wheelers.