Shelby is putting its mad SEMA super truck into production

By topgear, 10 December 2019

Only a month has passed since the 2019 SEMA show in Las Vegas, but the folks at Shelby have certainly been busy during that time. The reason? Apparently, reaction to the company’s F-150 Super Snake Sport concept was so impressive that it was fast-tracked through development and will now go into production, with manufacturing beginning early next year.

The images you see above are of said concept, but Shelby will have to make a few new badges for the production Super Snake, because power has now risen from an already ridiculous 755bhp, to a faintly-terrifying 770bhp. Crikey.

That power comes from a supercharged V8 (although a naturally-aspirated version will also be available) and allows the F-150 to go from 0-100kph in about 3.5 seconds and 0-160kph in about  8.3 seconds. Those are some serious numbers.

All 250 of the planned Super Snakes will be based on high-spec, 4WD F-150s and Shelby will fit each with lowered-suspension, a new exhaust, custom wheels and – thankfully – an uprated brake system. There’s also that subtle* body kit and plenty of Shelby graphics.

We’ll see the final production version for the first time early on next year, but apparently prices will start at $86,085 (approx. RM358,235) for the naturally-aspirated version, whilst you’d pay $93,385  (approx. RM388,613) for the full-fat 770bhp tune.

So, what do you think Internet? A pickup truck with the power of a McLaren Senna, anyone?