Say hello to Hennessey’s take on the 2021 Ford F-150 Raptor

By topgear, 30 September 2021

Say hello to Hennessey’s take on the 2021 Ford F-150 Raptor

Another day, another wildly powerful pickup truck from Texas-based tuners Hennessey. Only this isn’t just another 1,000bhp one-off, this is the latest generation of Hennessey’s best-selling performance truck – the VelociRaptor 600.

It’s now based on the third-generation F-150 Raptor, which was updated and unveiled earlier this year. Hennessey adds an upgraded air induction system, a high-capacity intercooler system and a new ECU for a total of 600bhp and 843Nm of torque from the 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6. 

Apparently, 0-100kph now takes just 4.2 seconds and prices start at $85,950 (RM360k). Hennessey does admit that most customers will spec their VelociRaptor with the optional off-road package, though, which brings slightly redesigned bumpers front and rear, as well as LED lightbars, 20-inch wheels, a three-inch suspension lift and 35-inch off-road tyres. Looks pretty mega, doesn’t it?

Prices for those fully-loaded versions generally sit around the $110,000 mark (or RM461k), although you do get a sensible three-year/57936-km warranty. Actually, what are we saying? Nothing about the VelociRaptor 600 is remotely sensible, but it still looks like brilliant fun…