Roush reveals most powerful ever Mustang with 775bhp

By topgear, 15 February 2021

This is the most powerful ‘Stage 3’ Ford Mustang ever offered by storied modifier Roush Performance. It is big, mighty and really quite fast.

There’s 750bhp and 908Nm of good things, generated from 5.0-litres of Very Supercharged V8. Indeed, the supercharger has been upgraded, along with lots of professional cooling – bigger rad, auxiliary coolers, heat-extracting vents – along with a nice new performance exhaust.

So applied, this Roush ‘Stang is capable of accelerating from 0-97kph in 3.6secs, cruise through a quarter-mile sprint in 11.2secs, and generate 1.07G through the corners, “as measured on the skidpad”.

‘But wait,’ we hear you cry, ‘the headline says 775bhp!’ On top of this Stage 3 upgrade, there is the option of upgrading more, to get a sort of upgradiest ‘Stang. There’s an optional power upgrade that slots in a direct injection fuel pump and high-flow intake system to liberate the additional 25 ponies. Boom. 775bhp.

Roush has recalibrated Ford’s MagneRide active suspension setup, and there’s a new bodykit, uprated interior, better tyres, bigger wheels, some badges and even a certificate.

mustang interior
mustang rear

Other options outside of the 775bhp mod include an active exhaust – that allows you to select the volume and tone of the exhaust (seriously) – and something called ‘podium pack’. That latter add-on gets you an active carbon fibre rear wing, Brembo brakes up front, and an ‘engine bay styling package’, amongst other things.

“The 2021 Stage 3 is our most impressive Mustang yet, and is the result of countless hours of R&D and engineering,” explains Jack Roush Jr. “I am proud of the refinements that we’ve made to the car by enhancing its performance across the board.”

There’s ‘enhancement’, and then there’s… well, ‘Stage 3’. The standard UK Mustang kicks out just under 450bhp. So… this is quite a bit more. Prices start at $24,995 (RM102k) above the base car, and include a five-year/97,000 km warranty. They’re all hand-built, too.

Looks big, mighty and really quite fast, doesn’t it?