RM145,900 buys you the manic Ducati Streetfighter V4 S

By thoriq, 21 October 2020

Yep, we may be feeling a little blue with what many in the Klang Valley are calling the second coming of the Covid-19 pandemic, but here’s a dash of red that ought to give you with a slight cure to this.

Ducati Malaysia (Next Bike Sdn Bhd) sees its local line up expanded further today with four new models added. Leading this charge is the Italian two-wheeled powerhouse’s brand new Streetfighter V4 S supernaked.

Aptly, this is the stripped-down, fairingless twin of the Panigale V4 S that the firm also introduced fairly recently. And whilst said superbike only has a pair of winglets, this stripped down twin sports TWO pairs of which, albeit stubbier ones…

Fun fact: The Streetfighter V4 S’s design was inspired by everyone’s favourite smiling comic villain, The Joker. This is evident in the way this streetifghter’s full-LED headlights are shaped like grin.

By the way, the aforementioned fancy aero bits are somewhat warranted as the Streetfighter V4 S packs the same 1,103cc liquid-cooled Desmodromic V4 seen in the Panigale V4 S, outputting a slightly lower but more ‘accessible’ 204bhp and 123Nm readouts.

With a claimed 178kg dry weight, the Streetfighter V4 will annihilate as many supercars as the Panigale V4 S would, but that’s not all. Present too are a myriad of advanced electronics and top-shelf hardware to keep this scarlet beast in check.

Notable bits include a 6-axis Bosch Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) that ties in with the advanced cornering ABS and traction control present, lightweight Marchesini forged wheels, intelligent Öhlins electronic suspension, as well as beefy Brembo anchors amongst many.


Of course, this much performance, tech and beauty doesn’t come cheap, hence the RM145,900 base price tag (sans on-road costs) figure the Streetfighter V4 S commands. Too much? Fret not as there’s a ‘basic’ Streetfighter V4 slotted below it too for just RM115,900, but this of course makes do with lesser toys than the S.

Prefer a retro flavour infusion to your performance naked bike formula? Ducati Malaysia also introduced the Scrambler 1100 Pro and Scrambler 1100 Sport Pro twins alongside both Streetfighter V4 models mentioned earlier.

Sitting at the top of the brand’s Scrambler modern retro line up now, both the 1100 Pro models get beefier electronics package that includes three selectable ride modes plus a more advanced traction control and ABS systems.

However, only the Scrambler 1100 Sport Pro benefits a new set of Öhlins performance suspension hardware. This being the ‘sporty’ variant of the two, it even gets a racier-styled matt black colour scheme, bar-end mirror ala café racer, as well as by side panels sporting a painted 1100 logo.

In terms of powertrains, both Scrambler 1100 Pro variants share the same air-cooled 1,079cc Desmodromic V-twin (or ‘L-twin’, as Ducati prefers to call it) that’s good for 86bhp and 88Nm – respectable figures for a bike that weighs in at just 189kg dry.

Unlike the stripped down superbike twins mentioned earlier, these stylish new flagship retro offerings are priced more accessibly at RM75,900 (1100 Pro) and RM80,900 (1100 Sport Pro).

So, which fast Ducati naked would you prefer then? The sharp, supercar-killing Streetfighter V4 or the effortlessly stylish Scrambler 1100 Pro? Check out more images of all four in the galleries prepared below…