Rare Alfa Romeo V10 Formula 1 engine for sale

By sep, 30 June 2021

Online car auction sites have been dishing out a lot of fine-looking automobiles in the past few months, which has left us wondering how a lot of folks are handling the situation right now. Among those good-looking cars, there's one entry from the likes of Counting Cars that is similar to seeing an actual unicorn with your very eyes.

But it's not a complete car. In fact, it's just an engine, but not any engine for mere mortals. What they have currently on auction right now is a very rare Alfar Romeo V10 Formula 1 engine. That's right, the winning bidder will get their hands on a 3.5-litre V10 engine dubbed the Alfa Romeo 'V1035' which was originally built to be used in the 1990 F1 season.

There were 15 units commissioned back in 1990 to be used to power the Ligier JS33 race car, but a disagreement between Ligier and Alfa Romeo never saw them being used in competition. Producing 620hp, the Alfa Romeo V10 F1 engine only saw a demo run during the 1988 Monza GP round, which proved to be faster than any other F1 cars of that era.

Many other complications in a number of races outside of F1 left the V1035 on the sidelines, which is why this might be a very good buy considering its very pristine condition. All recent inspections were passed with flying colours, and it looks to be a very good unit for any project car looking to get some F1 madness into their lives.

As we're writing this, the highest bid stands at £4,850, which is around RM28,000 and the auction will close in two days' time. Even though it was built in 1990, this V10 is indeed one of the best-looking engines we've seen to date. Simple, powerful, yet magnificent no matter which angle you look at it.

Source: Collecting Cars

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