Range Rover self-driving tech tested successfully on public roads

By ahmadzulizwan, 11 October 2018

Land Rover has made another great technological leap, specifically in the field of autonomous driving after a Range Rover Sport was able to complete a self-driving lap at the Coventry Ring Road. The prototype autonomous technology completed a drive of what is described as UK’s most challenging road layout by successfully changing lanes, merging with traffic, and exiting road junctions at the 40mph (64kph) speed limit.

Before this, Jaguar Land Rover engineers have completed significant self-driving technology testing on closed tracks before heading out onto public roads in Milton Keynes and Coventry. The trial ends this month after a three-year period as part of the £20 million UK Autodrive government-funded project.


The Range Sport was chosen because it already had some features which forms autonomous driving, namely Adaptive Cruise Control. Together with the addition of extra navigation sensors, radar, and LIDAR, the vehicle can now handle roundabouts, traffic lights, as well as other road users such as pedestrians and cyclists. It can also self-park.

Highly skilled Jaguar Land Rover engineers have also developed connected features as part of UK Autodrive. The safety-enhancing and emission reducing technology use the internet to connect vehicles to each other and to infrastructure such as traffic lights.