Rallycross on-board video is peak entertainment

By ahmadzulizwan, 10 January 2019

I was watching some YouTube videos and before long just got lost in it, as you do. Ended up with clip after clip of rallycross action before the most perfect combination of words simply took charge of my fingers and clicked “Best on-Boards | Part 1 | World Rallycross”.

These ‘supercar’ class cars in FIA World Rallycross are serious machines – 600bhp, 900Nm, all-wheel drive, screams to 8,000rpm, 0-100kph in 1.9 seconds (!), and manual-shifting straight-cut gearbox (no steering-mounted paddle shifters). Plus that’s only half of the craziness because driving these rockets are loons with nothing else on their mind except finishing ahead everyone else. A ‘few’ dents won’t matter, seemingly.

Which results in – all things considered – a serious amount of carnage. But what else do you expect when the cars barely point straight? Massive respect for the drivers in even managing to cross the finish line. My favourite part of this clip is between 0:01 and 9:18. Check it out.

*Unfortunately, the championship has lost some lustre as the pursuit of going global has pushed cost up, making WRX less appealing to some teams. Also, the talk of rallycross machines running on electric power are turning some people off.