Prototype electric Ford F-150 tows a million pound train

By ahmadzulizwan, 24 July 2019

In case you’ve ever wondered, 10 double-decker rail cars weigh in at 1 million pounds (roughly 454,000kg). How do we know this? Because Ford said so. And Ford knows because that’s what this special F-150 truck pulled for a distance of 42 units of the Ford F-150. That’s an impressive towing feat but what’s so special about this truck, then?

Because it’s a prototype electrically powered Ford- F-150, something which may spin the heads of rednecks everywhere. No details about this prototype other than Ford is essentially reiterating the fact that the much-loved F-150 (which is now 42 years old) is going all the way into the modern era. However, it’ll only be introduced after the F-150 Hybrid which goes on sale from next year.

Later in the video all 42 F-150 trucks present were loaded onto the train, before the electric F-150 prototype proceeded to tow it again. Pfft, show-off.