Proton opens new 3S centre in Seremban

By ahmadzulizwan, 19 August 2019

Proton used to have showroom everywhere. And we mean EVERYWHERE. There were showrooms in places Starbucks or McDonalds wouldn’t even think about. But since last year, the company’s been rationalizing the number of outlets, and now most of it – if not all – are 3S or 4S facilities. In fact, Proton now has 100 of em’, more than any other car company. Of course this is to better serve their customers.

The latest 3S facility was opened at the Oakland Industrial Park in Seremban last weekend. Its dealer, Ultra Gallant Sdn. Bhd. invested approximately RM4 million for this 20,000 sq. ft. building, making it one of the biggest in Negeri Sembilan. Just like so many others like it, this 3S centre offers facilities such as free WiFi and kid’s area.

In the same note, Proton CEO Dr Li Chunrong credits the growth of 3S and 4S centres as important in helping the company in achieving its targets. “What we have achieved is the culmination of hard work, dedication and commitment by the entire Proton family, from our vendors, dealers and talents in the company. From the beginning, we held the belief that to progress, we need sufficient outlets, good products, great technology in our cars and talent to manage the expectations of the company. The results speak for themselves. Our sales have soared and we have since reclaimed the second spot since April this year. Total sales for month ending July stand at 52,269 units compared to 35,561 in the same period last year, which equates to 47 per cent growth in overall year-on-year sales”.