Proton 1 Tank Adventure challenge flags off

By ahmadzulizwan, 17 July 2018
Proton 1 Tank Challenge

The first leg of Proton’s 1 Tank Adventure was flagged off earlier today, heading to Ipoh and making up the Central Region’s round. Participants include the celebrities and KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders), Proton owner club representatives, members of the public, and the media.

The objective of the challenge is not merely to find out about the cars’ efficiency – after all, these are Proton models which have around for years, so it’s no secret – but more to remind everyone about Proton’s current range of cars, its features, and handling

Each car will have to be driven at least 600km using a single tank of fuel. Naturally contestants are not allowed to refuel so the fuel lid is taped up to ensure compliance. The winner is determined by which car has the most amount of petrol left; and in the case of a tie, it will be determined by which car is first to arrive at the destination.

Proton 1 Tank Challenge

There are five legs in all (Central, East Coast, East Malaysia, South, North, and the final overall), and participants can still register their interest to participate. Eligibility is for those who resides in Malaysia (citizen or otherwise), a Class D Malaysia driving license, aged between 22 to 55, and with at least five years of driving experience. You also need to have certain types of vehicles, namely a Saga 1.3 CVT (from September 2014), or an Iriz 1.3 CVT (from September 2014), or Persona 1.6 CVT (from August 2016)

To gain a place and take part in the challenge, you must post a picture of you which shows your love for the car and post in on your Facebook or Instagram account. Include the caption “I Want To Participate” with the hashtags @ProtonCarsOfficial (Facebook) and @ProtonCars (Instagram). Also include the hashtag of the car you’d take along for the challenge (same model as in the picture), region you want to participate in, plus #Proton1TankAdventure. Of courses, your posts in Facebook or Instagram must be set for ‘Public’. Next, get as many likes for the Facebook or Instagram post.

Participation for the Central and East Coast legs has already lapsed, but the next on for East Malaysia only closes at 5.00pm on 19 July 2018. The closing date for the South and North legs are on the 24 and 26 July respectively, before 5.00pm.

Winners get the best type of prize – cash! And we’re talking of up to RM2,000 per car during the regional legs. The Final Leg winners get RM3,000 per car.

Proton 1 Tank Challenge