Prepare yourselves: it’s Lumma Design’s Land Rover Defender

By topgear, 18 September 2020

This is a modified Land Rover Defender. That much you can already guess. It has been modified by German tuner Lumma to become, in Lumma’s own words, a “muscle-bound off-road athlete”, which is certainly one way of describing it.

Named the Lumma Design CLR LD, there’s a lot to take in. We’ll start with the wheel arches, which widen the body by 40 millimetres, under which sit Lumma alloy wheels, available from 19” to 23” and wrapped in your choice of on- or off-road tyres.

Complementing the body-builder look is a new a front spoiler, new side skirts, a new rear apron, and a new front grille, all made from lightweight carbon fibre or polyurethane plastic. Two spotlights on the roof, meanwhile, “emphasise the off-road character”.

If that wasn’t enough for you, the German tuner has also added large air inlets on the wings, a sports exhaust system, and, as a final touch, modified the suspension so that the whole thing sits 30mm higher. You know, to give it even greater on-road presence.

Modifications inside include a three-piece anodised aluminium pedal set, Lumma-branded floor mats, a Lumma-branded cargo mat, and a complete Lumma leather interior. Lumma hasn’t yet given a price, but does state that the delivery date is spring 2021. Simple question, then. Would you be seen behind the wheel of one?