POV: watch what it takes to drive the Continental GT and set a record up Pikes Peak

By ahmadzulizwan, 09 July 2019

Are you up for an on-board video up Pikes Peak? Of course you are, so take a look at this footage recorded from a camera attached to Rhys Millen’s helmet as he attempted the recent record-setting 10m 18.4s drive up the mountain.

The Continental GT looked sharp, rarely showing any hints of being front-heavy and understeering. It also sounded like thunder, thanks to exhaust partner Akropovic. But wait… so, production record but with aftermarket pipes? Well, it is allowed in the Time Attack Production Record category, where the regs say that exhaust is open.

Which is also how we know that the W12 engine here is stock with 626hp and 900Nm of torque, just as the dual-clutch 8-speed gearbox is. Brakes and suspension system are all factory-spec too, with a roll-cage being the only major change inside the cabin. It’s for safety and not factory-installed – so is allowed by the Director of Competition.

Just click play, and let’s climb that mountain.