Porsche has stopped selling diesel models

By ahmadzulizwan, 24 September 2018

Porsche has announced that it will no longer manufacture diesel engine models, unsurprisingly opting to focus on petrol, electric, and hybrid powertrains. The firm said that demand for such engine has been on the decline, and as we all already know, the EU and American governments are tightening the noose on diesel technology.

“Porsche is not demonising diesel. It is, and will remain, an important propulsion technology. We as a sports car manufacturer, however, for whom diesel has always played a secondary role, have come to the conclusion that we would like our future to be diesel-free. Naturally we will continue to look after our existing diesel customers with the professionalism they expect,” says Oliver Blume, CEO of Porsche AG.


The move is also perfect to welcome the Taycan that is due in 2019. The purely electric sports car will properly bring Porsche into future mobility more than any other previous mass-produced models. By 2025, the company expects that every second new Porsche could either have a hybrid or purely electric. They are also focussing on optimising the internal combustion engine that hopefully will allow sports cars to remain the way it is. Or close enough.

By 2022, Porsche will have invested more than six billion Euros in e-mobility. There is relevance to this level of investment – 63 per cent of Panameras sold in Europe are hybrids. Having said that, demand for diesel models has been dropping which explains why a diesel model has not been in its line-up since February this year.