Polestar’s Tesla-rivalling 2 will get a £5k performance pack

By topgear, 09 October 2019

Polestar has announced a new performance pack for its £49,900 (approx. RM255,930) electric ‘fastback’ dubbed 2. For exactly five thousand English pounds, you’ll be able to unlock the leather driving gloves emoji that resides in your heart.

The pack contains a shiny new set of fancy adjustable Öhlins dampers, along with four-piston Brembo front brakes, and an even shinier set of 20in forged alloy wheels. Said wheels are complemented by gold seatbelts and valve caps. It is a proven, undisputable fact that fancy valve caps increase top speed by at least 80kph*.

Total power remains as it was in the regular, non-performance pack car, so the equivalent of 402bhp, and 660Nm of torque, plus the ability to go from 0-200kph in under five seconds.

Still, Polestar reckons the 2’s shiny new hardware will make it pointier. “We spent a lot of time obsessing over the finest details of the performance pack chassis set-up to find the car’s sweet spot – we call it the ‘Golden Ride’,” explains Joakim Rydholm, chassis development bod at Polestar.

“Comfortable but focussed, we want you to feel positively connected to the road, the car alive and communicative, but balanced and predictable,” he added.

The Polestar 2 – following the 600bhp plug-in hybrid 1 – will launch next year, while a performance SUV named ‘3’ will be along in due course. Head this way for a closer look at the Polestar 2.

*this is most likely untrue