Polestar 2 to get advanced audio system by Dirac

By ahmadzulizwan, 22 August 2019

Once out, the Polestar 2 will not only be one of the best looking pure EVs around (and the only one which offers ‘ownership’ via a subscription plan), it will also come with a very well-designed audio system. This comes from Dirac and Harman International, which according to the former has come out with audio which little acoustical imperfection.

This is largely achieved using the Dirac Unison active acoustic treatment which uses the company’s most advanced signal processing technique to, among others, minimise variations of audio quality between passengers.

While audio performance in most high-end cars have improved, it is still not quite ‘hi-fidelity’, especially when compared to how the music composer intended it to be heard. The truth is a car’s cabin is a horrendous environment for music playback – presence of seats for example block audio signals while other components like glass, metal and plastic may reflect them.


“Polestar integrates one of the industry’s most advanced digital solutions – Dirac Unison active acoustic treatment – with a Harman Kardon audio system to deliver an in-car audio experience as exceptional as its driving performance,” said Lars Carlsson, Dirac general manager of automotive audio.

Additionally, Dirac Unison uses a new kind of bass management that adapts to the cabin and speakers to optimise certain frequencies, giving a tighter bass response than previously thought possible.

Dirac has plenty of experience in optimising audio performance in cars, having worked with a list of OEs including BMW, Bentley, and Rolls Royce. In fact, Volvo used Dirac to enhance audio system performance in the XC90. The SUV received the Bests Audio System award at the 2016 Car Tech Awards. Another interesting aspect of the Polestar 2 is that it’ll be one of the first in the world to have an infotainment system powered by Android.