Peugeot to electrify all new models from 2023 onwards

By Gokul, 27 January 2023

By 2030, every Peugeot sold in Europe will be 100% electric


Peugeot yesterday revealed its grand plans for the future at the "E-Lion" conference, where the French manufacturer shared what it is planning roll out over the next decade.

As expected, electrification is at the heart of it all, and in case you're wondering what you can expect from the brand, every new model that rolls out of the production line from this year onwards, will be electrified.

This is in line with the brand's commitment to having a 100% BEV line-up by 2025, all with the end goal of sustainability and our achieving Carbon Net Zero by 2038.

Although new Peugeots in Europe will be fully electric by 2030, we can expect the Asian market to take much longer to achieve this as we started much later. In fact, we are still in the midst of setting up the infrastructures needed. 

This means that markets like Malaysia can expect models with Peugeot's new hybrid technology with MHEV 48v such as the 208, 2008, 308, 3008, 5008 and 408. 

Peugeot e-308

The Peugeot Hybrid 48V system in these models consists of a new-generation 100hp or 136hp PureTech petrol engine, coupled to a 6-speed electrified dual-clutch gearbox (E-DCS6) which incorporates a 21 kW electric motor. 

Thanks to a battery that recharges while driving, this technology offers increased low-end torque and a 15% reduction in fuel consumption (from 126g of CO2/km in the 3008).

As for fully electric models, the E-3008 is all set to celebrate its world premiere in the second half of the year. The E-3008, which will be the first car launched with the new STLA Medium platform, will come with a range of up to 700 km, three electric powertrains including a dual motor setup. 

Peugeot also revealed that the E-5008 will be following shortly after the E-3008 is revealed.

That being said, 2023 is looking like it is going to be an eventful year for Peugeot, and since we have an assembly plant in Malaysia itself, we can expect our market to be among the first in Asia to get some of the upcoming models mentioned above.

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