Peugeot owners take note: the brand's new custodian wants your latest info

By daryl, 06 January 2021

In case you missed it, custodianship for the Peugeot brand in Malaysia has shifted from Nasim to Berjaya Auto Alliance (BAASB). One of the latter's first move in charge is to update its customer information database to streamline its system in a bid to improve the Peugeot ownership experience - something many Malaysians have been critical of in the past - in the future. 

Therefore, BAASB is encouraging all Peugeot owners in the country to update their information online via the official Peugeot website, which was updated at the start of the year. Doing so would help the company streamline information related to service reminders, warranty periods, service campaigns and updates, and make them more accessible to owners moving forward. All that's required to complete the process is proof of the vehicle's registration card and service and warranty booklets. All information collected on the website is protected in accordance to local PDPA regulations.