Petron launches new HTP product line

By thoriq, 03 December 2019

Petron Malaysia officially unveiled its brand new Petron High Temperature Protection (HTP) product line for the local market today. They feature a brand new packaging scheme to match the new formulation harnessed as well.

 For the engine lubricants range, Petron introduced its new Petron Blaze Racing HTP and Petron Rev-X Turbo HTP, the former made for petrol engines and the latter for diesel types.

For the fully-synthetic Blaze Racing HTP and Rev-X Turbo HTP lubricants, both benefit from the use of high quality polyalphaolefin (PAO) base oil, which Petron claims will deliver improved oxidisation and thermal resistance as opposed to conventional base oils.

“The Petron THP range is specially formulated to give improved engine cleanliness efficiency and protection, thus offering superior choice to our customers in terms of protection, performance and savings,” said Choong Kum Choy, Petron Malaysia’s head of retail and commercial business during the product range’s launch event.

He further adds that the balanced formulation adopted by this new range promises the give maximum stability, consistency and efficiency. Besides engine lubricants, there’s also a selection of other critical fluids available including automatic transmission (ATF) and brake fluids, as well as gear oils and greases.

Starting this week, the full Petron HTP product range is now available for purchase at selected Petron service stations nationwide. The range is also available online via popular online shopping platform Shopee, as well as through Petron Malaysia’s network of authorised distributors and workshops.

As for product prices, the chart below is self-explanatory.