Petron Diesel Max Euro 5 now comes with TriAction Advantage

By sep, 18 August 2021

Petron has a new formulation for its Diesel Max Euro 5 fuel for better overall performance

Petron Malaysia has introduced its newly formulated Petron Diesel Max Euro 5 for the local market. Now developed with Petron's TriAction Advantage, the new DIesel Max Euro 5 is said to come with some added benefits thanks to the new additive system.

The Petron Diesel Max Euro 5 is already a more environmentally-friendly diesel option, to begin with since it produces fewer emissions compared to the Euro 2M diesel (10 ppm sulphur specification compared to Euro 2M diesel's 500 ppm).

With the added TriAction Advantage, Petron's new Diesel Max Euro 5 promises better cleaning action as well as a more complete combustion process. This, therefore, maximises the engine's overall efficiency which also leads to enhanced engine protection, better performance, and improved fuel economy.

According to Choong Kum Choy, Head of Retail and Commercial Business of Petron Malaysia, "We are proud to introduce our newly formulated Petron Diesel Max Euro 5 which underscores our commitment to produce top-quality and environment-friendly products.  With Petron Diesel Max Euro 5, customers can enjoy a superior driving experience while providing the best care and protection for their vehicles."