Perodua wants to sell 314,000 cars in 2023

By Gokul, 01 February 2023

The company is also looking at increasing its production volume to 330,000 vehicles in 2023

Perodua Ativa

Perodua yesterday announced that it wants to maximise its production to 330,000 units and sell 314,000 vehicles this year.

The company said that this would be possible due to all the outstanding orders carried forward from last year as well as the continued demand for its vehicles so far this year.

“This year (2023) provides a golden opportunity for us as consumers still have confidence in the automotive market. In fact, more than half of our targeted volume is from bookings we collected last year but have yet to deliver,” Perodua President and Chief Executive Officer Dato’ Sri Zainal Abidin Ahmad said.

“As our normal installed annual production capacity for our Perodua Manufacturing and Perodua Global Manufacturing plants are at 320,000 units on a two-shift cycle, we can still increase our volume by improving productivity and by instituting overtime.”

He said that the impact of such production growth to the Malaysian automotive industry would be significant as the Perodua has earmarked RM10.0 billion to purchase parts from local suppliers to meet its 2023 targets.

“This purchase commitment is expected to further encourage the Malaysian automotive ecosystem to further improve its production capabilities and quality standards.”

“In short, the increase in production will give much needed boost for our local industries to improve their economies of scale and to better compete with their counterparts abroad,” Dato’ Sri Zainal said.

The 330,000 production and 314,000 sales targets are 14.2% and 11.3% higher than Perodua 2022’s 289,054 production and 282,019 sales performances respectively.

Overall, Perodua has produced a total of 4.68 million vehicles since it began production in 1994.

“In terms of the overall market, we believe that there is still a bright silver lining for the industry despite the many cost pressures. We believe that the total industry volume can go beyond 650,000 units announced by the Malaysia Automotive Association,” Dato’ Sri Zainal said.

He said based on the waiting period for most brands as well as the still strong demand for Perodua’s vehicles, the TIV has the potential to reach another 700,000 units this year.

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