Out the way, the Avtoros Shaman ambulance is coming

By topgear, 12 August 2020

“The Shaman will suit everyone from hunters to first aid crews to mineral resource explorers,” we were told by Avtoros when we had a riotous few days driving the 8x8 ATV around Russia a few years ago.

Now, the evidence. This is a Shaman ambulance – a Shamambulance, if you will (or won’t, fair enough) – and it’s arguably even cooler than the unliveried thing we flung through swamps with reckless abandon.

Developed alongside fellow Russian company PC Sadr, it packs all the equipment you’d hope for from an ambulance and – thanks to the Shaman’s ludicrous size – enough room for four medical staff and two patients.

It’s naturally designed for reaching stricken people in hard to reach places, but we suspect it could be the perfect solution for all those people who seem to struggle getting out the way for flashing blue lights in urban Britain.

Would you mess with one of these tearing down towards you, growing ever larger in your rear-view mirror? Thought not…