Ora Good Cat commemorate launch of TNB charging station

By ramieza, 27 February 2023

Ora Good Cat commemorate launch of TNB charging station

Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) saw the launch of TNB’s Electron DC fast charging stations on the PLUS highway, a venture between National Energy Berhad and PLUS Malaysia Berhad. The three TNB Electron charging stations currently in operation are located in Ayer Keroh (northbound), Tapah (northbound), and Paka (northbound) R&Rs. Among the VIPs that were invited to attend the launch ceremony was Mike Cui, Managing Director of Great Wall Motor Malaysia (GWM). 

Numerous automotive brands with new energy models were invited to participate in the inauguration ceremony. GWM Ora Good Cat  attracted much attention with its outstanding appearance. Dato Sri Alexander Nanta Linggi, Malaysia's Minister of Public Works, officiated the inaugural ceremony by charging ORA GOOD CAT as a demonstration vehicle.

ORA GOOD CAT is the first product from GWM to launch in Malaysia on 28 November 2022, exposing Malaysian consumers to a new electric driving experience and a new lifestyle through exquisite style. The higher priced variant, 500 Ultra, can last up to 500 km on one single charge, while both car variants, 400 Pro & 500 Ultra are also equipped with an intelligent driving assistance configuration.

“We intend to take Ora Good Cat  as the industry's leading benchmark of the new energy market in Malaysia,” said Mike Cui. GWM is open to exploring collaboration opportunities with companies like TNB to promote Malaysia's new energy market development.