Official: TG's Family Car of the Year, the Audi RS6, will dance

By topgear, 12 December 2019

There you go. Proof, just in case you weren’t sure, that the new, twin-turbo V8 Audi RS6 will do silly, childish, but thoroughly entertaining skids. We did them, over in California, as part of our upcoming Awards issue.

Because the Audi RS6 is Top Gear’s Family Car of the Year. Yep, a family car that’ll happily sprint off into the distance and warp its way into the outer realms, but also house surf and ski boards. And the odd dog.

RS6 Avant

“Just because you can’t disown the front driveshafts like an E63,” explains TG’s Rowan Horncastle in the new Awards issue, “being able to channel up to 85 per cent of oomph to the rear means you can still cut some shapes.” Here it is, pre-shape-cutting.

RS6 Avant

“Make no mistake about it, this thing shifts. Speed is accrued at an astonishing rate,” Signor Horncastle continues.

RS6 Avant

“It’s got heaps of attitude: blistered bodywork a whopping 80mm wider than standard, a contemptuous frown (a throwback from the ‘84 Sport quattro) and bazooka tailpipes,” Herr Horncastle adds.

So, the RS6 is TG’s Family Car of the Year. For the full list of winners, look out for the shiny new Awards issue of the magazine that's coming soon.