Of course the Fiat 500X crossover now has a convertible roof

By topgear, 20 September 2021

Fiat 500X Dolcevita launched - 500 crossover now gets retractable canvas roof

The Fiat 500 is something of a phenomenon, not only in the world of cars, but in meme culture too. But a simple city car – deftly reinvented in the mid 2000s – soon had its waters muddied by SUV and people-moving versions.

And now here’s another twist in the road. This is the Fiat 500X Dolcevita, and it is a convertible crossover 500. Not a full convertible, mind, a la T-Roc or Evoque cabrios. You’ll need to be especially tall or leering down from a balcony – Juliet-style – to spot the difference.

Just like the 500C soft-tops below it in the range, the Dolcevita (‘a life of heedless pleasure and luxury’, says the dictionary) uses a folding canvas roof that casts the sun upon your bonce but stops short of buggering up boot space. Which allows the 500X to retain its extra practicality over its dinkier range mates, while the roof can be opened or closed at up to 100kph. Each operation takes 15 seconds.

Dolcevita treatment is available at every rung of the 500X range and adds around £2k (RM11.5k) to the cost of a 500X. Prices ranging from £24,000 to £30,000 (RM140k to RM170k) and power outputs from 120 to 150bhp, while you can have manual or automatic gearboxes.

For heedless pleasure we’d say go for the top of the range Sport. Or, y’know, an actual convertible car. Perhaps one also made in Italy…