Of course German tuners have created an 880bhp Merc-AMG GT 4dr

By topgear, 17 September 2019

German tuning companies pulling insane power figures out of already extremely quick cars is nothing new. But this today’s news from an outfit called ‘Posaidon’ has rather split the TG office. It seems rather improbable. If one of your mates said they’d jumped their BMW bike over their garden shed, landed it and completed Fortnite in the same weekend but you just had to take their word for it because “no-one you know saw it happen”, would you believe them?

See, what we have here is a Mercedes-AMG GT four-door, with no visual mods at all. The wheels, grilles body, wing, brakes – they all look stock. Exactly as Mercedes intended. Even the ride height is barely lower.

And yet, we’re told that underneath the as-you-were looks, an unholy power bump lurks. This GT63S has apparently been lifted from its standard 631bhp to a titanic 830PS, or 818bhp. But why stop there? Posaidon offers another package that ramps up the bi-turbo V8 beyond 880PS, or 868bhp.

And yet, not so much as a badge on the boot tells onlookers you’ve got more power than two Mercedes-AMG A45 Ss. Is that what people spending big money on far too much power really want?

Merc-AMG GT 4dr
Merc-AMG GT 4dr

Posaidon has detailed its 818bhp ‘RS8330’ upgrade, which will put your two-tonne super-saloon from 0-100kph in 2.9sec and over 349kph, thusly: “In order to achieve these astronomical values, the Posaidon engineers went to town on the engine – with upgraded turbochargers, an extension of the charge air cooling system, sports air filters and downpipes with sports catalytic converters. Finally, they customised the engine and transmission control unit software. Even the drivetrain got software mapping tailored to the power upgrade.”

So, a proper job then. And a proper price: the work costs £21,000 (approx. RM109,000) Would you trust a company you’d perhaps not heard of until today to set about your new super-saloon armed with that much hardware? And that much of your hard-earned?