Now there are *three* Aston Martin Valkyries

By topgear, 20 February 2020

The first Aston Martin Valkyrie prototype was finished just in time last year’s British Grand Prix, where “High-Performance Development Driver” Chris Goodwin took it for a demonstration lap before baying crowds.

Now there are two more – VP2 and VP3 are the second and third of eight “verification prototypes” Aston Martin will build, ahead of customers deliveries which are due to start the second half of this year. Don’t they look good?

Goodwin has had a bit of a hand getting the two new cars bedded in, too. Current Red Bull F1 drivers Max Verstappen and Alex Albon have both had a go, as well as WEC drivers Darren Turner and Alex Lynn. Goodwin says having three prototypes will see the “rate of physical development for this exceptional hypercar increase exponentially”.

And of course the F1 drivers have been predictably positive – Max called the prototypes “a lot of fun”, while Alex said “It’s light; it feels sharp. Sure, compared to an F1 car, you’re missing the outright downforce, but you still feel the Gs in the corners and it definitely reacts closer to an F1 car than a normal road car. It’s pretty special”.

More importantly, though, would you have your Valkyrie in red or blue?