Nissan’s Re-Leaf is an emergency response EV concept

By topgear, 30 September 2020

This is an electric concept car built by Nissan. It does not preview the next-generation GT-R, nor is it a nutjob 1,000bhp+ hyperthing. It is a prototype built to drive into the centre of a disaster zone and provide emergency electrical assistance.

It’s called the Re-Leaf (geddit?), and has been built to “demonstrate the potential of electric vehicles in disaster recovery”. Indeed, in Japan, Leafs have been used to provide emergency power and transportation following natural disasters since 2011.

So, it’s a friendly little mobile power station. Examples of the things it can power include an electric jack hammer, a pressure ventilation fan, an intensive care medical ventilator, and a 100 watt LED floodlight. Nissan also says a fully-charged 62kWh Leaf battery can power the average UK household for just under a week.

You will notice it has benefitted from a few choice modifications. The ride height has been raised by 70mm and features a custom sump-guard to help the lil’ fella navigate obstructions or fallen debris on roads. It’s even got wider tracks, custom wheel arches and 17in motorsport wheels, just like a weal wace car!

Nissan has binned the rear seats in order to provide a better storage area for Important Equipment, and there’s a custom bulkhead separating this area from the front. And in the greatest unintentional nod to Pimp My Ride, a bespoke, pull-out desk with a 32in LED screen emerges from said storage area.

Helen Perry, Nissan Europe’s head of electric passenger cars & infrastructure, said: “Concepts like the RE-LEAF show the possible application of EVs in disaster management and demonstrate that smarter, cleaner technology can help save lives and provide greater resilience for the future.”