Nissan will build spare parts for the R33 and R34 Skyline GT-R

By topgear, 05 December 2018

Last year, Nissan decided to give R32 Skyline owners an early Christmas present: it would sell spare parts for the classic coupe through its heritage programme. Now, another early Christmas present for R33 and R34 owners: more parts.

We’re told that reaction to last year’s R32 parts programme – where nearly 80 spares for the GT-R were offered – was received positively. And thus, the catalogue of spare parts now spans the later Skyline GT-Rs too, with nearly 160 items available.

Those cover the body, powertrain, electric bits and various other mechanical components. Nissan is also expanding the R32’s catalogue to include non-essential stuff like weather stripping or electric window switches. Truly, we are living in a golden age.

Still can’t find something you need to keep your R32, R33 or R34 on the road? Nismo – Nissan’s official motorsport arm – said it will continue to “foster a close relationship with Skyline GT-R owners”. Depending what you ask, Nismo Heritage will continue to add more spare parts.

So, put that aftermarket catalogue down. Keep it original. Original is better.