NISMO will completely rebuild your Nissan Skyline GT-R for RM1.7 million!

By sep, 15 March 2021

Nissan Skyline fans, enthusiasts, and especially owners around the globe rejoiced when the manufacturer announced that their motorsports and performance division, NISMO, will be offering restoration services for the entire Skyline iconic line-up old and new. To showcase what they’re capable of, they went and post a video on YouTube of them restoring the Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R and it is nothing short of a masterpiece, folks.

While you can purchase your desired parts to rebuild your own cars, NISMO is more than happy to do so for you, but it won’t be just a simple tune-up. In fact, they’ll take care of every single aspect of the rebuild from start to finish in order to produce a perfect Nissan Skyline that looks like it’s been sitting in a showroom with zero mileage on them.

They do offer other services like complete refresh and overhaul or certain sections of the car according to the customer’s budget, but if you got the money, you would definitely want the 'NISMO restored car' option. From complete disassembly, body dimensions measurement and repair, paintwork, total engine rebuild, interior, to test drive and completion, the services they provide is more of an honour, really.

The NISMO restored car option will leave no stone unturned as a way to provide the perfect Nissan Skyline GT-R for anyone looking for perfection. That’s right folks. Perfection. And perfection doesn’t come cheap, too. Depending on the model, condition, replacement parts, and more, NISMO’s standard reference price sits at around ¥45 million, which is around RM1.7 million. Each full restoration process will take between six months to a year, but judging on their final work, we would say that it’s worth every cent (if you have RM1.7 million to spare, that is).

Photo credit: NISMO

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