New Shell Helix ECO 0W20 is made for compact EEV cars

By thoriq, 02 March 2020

Heads up owners of compact Energy Efficient Vehicles (EEVs), Shell Malaysia have introduced a new version of its Helix engine lubricant that’s made especially for you and your cars.

Christened as the Shell Helix ECO 0W20, this new fully-synthetic and low-viscosity engine oil aims to the growing number of modern and efficiency-driven compact cars on sale locally.

To be more specific, it’s been tailored for compacts cars with engine displacements no larger than 1,200cc, or 1.2-litres – naturally, things like the popular and highly affordable Perodua Axia and Bezza models come to mind.

According to Shell Malaysia, the Shell Helix ECO 0W20 lubricant was devised to withstand the high stresses that most eco-friendly compacts face, most notable of which being caused by the engine idling stop-start function present in the bulk of them.

To ensure that, Shell have specially formulated this lubricant with a low evaporation formula that ensures the engine is always well lubricated and protected. This also sees the promise of both enhanced fuel efficiency and greater wear and tear protection.

Both these aims are further stressed at the fact that the Shell Helix ECO 0W20 will be sold exclusively in 3.5-litre packs instead of the traditional form of 4-litre packs. This ideal quantity should also reduce both wastages and effects on the environment.

Available for purchase now through authorised Shell workshops nationwide, each 3.5-litre pack of Shell Helix ECO 0W20 is priced at RM143.50 (Pen. Malaysia) and RM144.20 (East Malaysia).