New Goodyear Eagle F1 tyre series debuts

By thoriq, 09 December 2019

“Racing is in our DNA,” proclaims Goodyear Malaysia’s newly appointed managing director Alex Ng in his opening remarks earlier today as the firm introduced its new and revised Eagle F1 high performance tyres locally.

Introduced during the event was the Eagle F1 line’s new SuperSport RS, SuperSport R, and SuperSport that’s poised to go on sale locally very soon. Two more additions were also announced, those being the Asymmetric 5 and Asymmetric 3 SUV, both slated to enter the market early next year.

As for the core SuperSport trio, these were developed through Goodyear’s endeavours and recent successes in top-level motorsports – BTCC, Le Mans and NASCAR included. Aptly, this series of tyres are aimed squarely towards owners of high performance machines who seek unrivalled performance for both road and track.

Ensuring said promise, the new Eagle F1 SuperSport benefits with several key engineering. Highlights include an innovative U-shaped compound, specialised ‘Power Zones’ that create pockets of control for superior handing in both wet and dry conditions, as well as thread deformation protection for increased high-speed stability.

Whilst the SuperSport and SuperSport R are built for both road and track performance, the SuperSport RS in particular stands out as the most track-focused offering of this lot. It is the sole semi-slick tyre type in the range, making it most suited for regular Trackday Spartans.

With the Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5, this tyre was engineered for both luxurious comfort and superior wet braking in mind. The Eagle F1 Asymmetric SUV announced alongside it, on the other hand, was instead designed to be sturdy whilst also promoting enhanced fuel consumption, the latter thanks to its low-rolling resistance.


Besides these, Goodyear Malaysia also teased an unnamed and brand new variation of the Eagle F1 during today’s launch event. According to Alex Ng, this offering, which is slated for market entry early next year, promises to enable enthusiasts to enjoy premium tyres at competitive prices.

More details surrounding said unnamed and new Eagle F1 variant, as well as prices and availability of the new tyres introduced today, are expected to come over the next few weeks and months.