NAP review out later this year

By ahmadzulizwan, 23 March 2019

The latest review of the National Automotive Policy (NAP) will be announced ‘later this year’ as revealed by deputy minister of international trade and industry Dr. Ong Kian Ming yesterday. This comes after a few planned disclosures of the single most important set of rules to direct the local automotive industry has been moved again; first it was supposed to be late 2018. Then Q1 2019…

According to the deputy minister, the government and relevant agencies are still engaging with stakeholders about the NAP. The upcoming NAP review is reportedly to include a wider scope of the industry and mobility, including Electric Vehicles (EVs), autonomous driving technology, and also ride-hailing services, instead of just EEV (Energy Efficient Vehicles), .

YB Dr. Ong Kian Ming spoke right after attending the 11th edition of Automechanika held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Also present during the press conference was Dato’ Madani Sahari, CEO of Malaysia Automotive Robotics & IoT Institute (MARii) who explained that in 2018 Malaysia exported RM12.1 billion of automotive parts and components, while a total of RM2 billion of locally-made cars were exported to other markets. The target for 2019 is RM16 billion for parts, components, and cars.