Myvi Club, Compact JDM, Retromania hype up 2023 BOOM Festival

By ramieza, 10 February 2023

Myvi Club, Compact JDM, Retromania hype up 2023 BOOM Festival

More than 120,000 people had liven up the 2023 BOOM Festival that was organized by  Pertubuhan Penggerak Alam (PEPA) which was held at Dataran Karnival Stadium Shah Alam on 3 to 6  February 2023. 

The main core of this event was the most anticipated Myvi Nation 2023 Vol 1 that gathered more than  1,000 Myvi three generation owners that was held last Saturday.  

Besides gathering, there were plenty more exciting events that is Splitfire show, Lightshow, light sport  activities, lucky draw and autoshow.  

For the autoshow, the categories had been divided to several parts which are the Standard Modified,  Modified, Open VIP, Sirion Standard and Modified.

Moreover, there were also audio competition with Open Woofer PA and each of it will be judged by the  colour, engine, car adhesive and the best interior.  

The President from Third Generation Myvi Club as well as the Myvi Nation 2023 Coordinator , Mohd Affan  Mohd Aris said this event that gather Myvi owners from all generations was held for the first time. 

“It is to strengthen the bond between Perodua Myvi owners regardless of the old or new generation," 
“The support from each owner were also great and some even came from the north, east coast and the  south to enliven the event that were driven by PEPA,” he added.

On Sunday, there were Mini Super Kcar Megagath which are the compact car with with Japanese Domestic  Market (JDM) accessories activated by the Malaysian Compact Car Association. 
More than 800 owners of various models such as Peroadua Kancil, Kenari, Myvi, Alza, Axia, Kbox, Viva and  Ativa with various styles enlivened the BOOM Festival 2023 event including the Autoshow competition. 

There were contested through the categories Kancil Mira, Kenari Move, Kelisa Gino TR Coure, MYVI Passo,  Alza Sette Luminas, Azia Agya Alya, Kbox Open Kcar, Ativa Raize Rocky, Viva Avy and Sirion. 

Chairman of the Super Kcar Megagath Program, Mohamad Fadzli Abdul Rahman said that this event was a  good start for 2023 through the collaboration with PEPA which launched many of fun activities. 

“The route given by PEPA makes it much easier for us to attract more compact car enthusiasts to meet in  addition to share the same interests with new people in a lively event with various activities," he said.

On Monday, Retromania Bike event liven up BOOM Festival, gathered bike enthusiast from the 80s and 90s  era.  

There were a lot of classic bikes such as Honda C70, Fame, Yamaha RD125, RX-S, Pasola, Aprilia 125 RS,  Kawasaki K1, Suzuki Katana and many more. 

Retromania Manager Hamdan Ishak mentioned that 300 retro models were there despite the rainy  weather.  

“Retromania supports BOOM Festival by holding a motorcycle exhibition as well as light sports activities  with family and people who came,” he said.  

PEPA Chairman, Lizarwarty Mohd Dalal said this event was the first to be held by the non-governmental  organization (NGO) in promoting the activities carried out by them which are mostly focused on volunteer  activities. 

“Through BOOM Festival it really helps gathered the young people on doing activities involving cars and  bikes in a controlled environment.  

“It is also to promote PEPA and although BOOM Festival was first time being held, we had already  discussed to organized it again on a different location,” she mentioned.  

Not only focusing on the vehicle activities, the 2023 BOOM Festival were also filled with a spiritual program  such as ‘Tahlil’ and ‘Doa Selamat’ as well as Salutation (‘Berselawat’) accompanied by ‘Marhaban’  

Furthermore, the event also livens up by booth exhibition, selling motoring equipments, beverages, clothes  and many more.

Other activities such as Netball Competition Under 12 and Beyblade, as well as P.Ramlee movie screening  and lucky draw.  

There were also celebrities that came to the event such as LOKO and influencers Dak Ajim and Dak Ayam.