myTukar appoints Jeffrey Ong as its new CEO

By sep, 23 July 2021

myTukar appoints new CEO to lead the online used car platform

jeffrey ong ceo mytukar malaysia 2021

Online used car platform, myTukar, has appointed its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) today. Jeffrey Ong is the new 'sheriff' in town and will focus on myTukar's overall growth in the region, specifically its ASEAN pass programme, AI-driven lending metric systems, and ultimately, transforming myTukar into Malaysia's go-to customer-centric platform.

According to myTukar's new CEO, Jeffrey Ong, "I am honoured and excited by this opportunity to lead a high-growth company like myTukar. We want to change the way that used cars are being perceived by customers moving forward. We want them to be seen for what they truly are - reliable and more affordable alternatives that match the current economic appetite of the region’s populace. Ultimately, we hope to establish a standard of trust that will inspire customers to more readily opt for used cars when looking to purchase a vehicle."

"The used car industry is undergoing a pivotal overhaul at the moment and myTukar is at the forefront of this transformation. We are committed to growing the used car market in Malaysia and we will carry this momentum on as we look to catalyse this same growth at a regional level. Going forward, we aim to venture beyond Malaysia and develop an integrated regional automotive mobility ecosystem that will result in an enhanced buying experience not only Malaysian customers but also, our Southeast Asian neighbours," added Ong.