Mountune’s Ford Focus ST has 325bhp

By topgear, 24 March 2020

Fast Ford specialist Mountune has just come out with its first upgrade pack for the current Focus ST. And it might just be a bit of a no-brainer, assuming you don’t mind your Ford warranty taking a hit.

The m330 tune claims to offer “significant upgrades in usability and performance whilst guaranteeing an OEM+ feel”, meaning on a day-to-day basis, a Mountune-d ST ought to feel much like a normal one. Only faster, given power and torque are up by 50bhp and 95Nm to 325bhp and 515Nm. That’s substantially more than a Golf R, Renaultsport Megane or Civic Type R.

All that extra power comes from an ECU tweak, though Mountune also includes a high-flow air filter in the £600 (approx. RM3,089) kit. Owners can install the tune themselves – just plug the adapter into your OBD port, then use the SMARTflash iPhone app to toggle between Performance (everything), stock and anti-theft (which completely immobilises the car) modes. The code also gives you better no-lift shifting and a cracklier exhaust when you want it.

The wheels and stripe pictured are entirely optional, you’ll be happy to note. Go there if you want, but we’d sooner leave our car looking stock. As for the tune, watch this space. We’ll get a go asap and let you know what it’s like.