Mountune has given the Ford Fiesta ST 232bhp

By topgear, 21 February 2020

Mountune – Essex based tuner of already fast Fords – has turned up the Fiesta ST’s little three-cylinder engine to an astounding 232bhp and 350Nm. Not only is that a 10bhp and 96Nm increase over its existing ‘M225’ package, but a 35bhp and 60Nm bump over standard car. In something so small and light (the ST weighs just over 1,200kg) that makes a difference.

The M235 kit - which costs £575 (RM3,107) and includes a load of clever software, the means to install it and a high-flow induction kit – has been developed “to ensure the car retains an OEM+ feel”. Mountune says the upgrade has “undergone a rigorous testing and development process”, and that it delivers improved power and torque across the rev range over the old M225. The company has also included ‘no-lift shift optimisation’, so you can change gear quickly and smoothly without lifting off the throttle, and its ‘enhanced exhaust overrun’ code for more pops and bangs.

The kit is supplied with a Bluetooth OBD adapter that talks to an app on your phone. Said app allows you to install new software (existing M225 owners can do this upgrade over the air for £99) and change drive modes between Sport, Track, Stock Performance and Anti-Theft (which totally immobilises the car).

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? We’ll get a go soon and let you know if it’s worth the money.