Motul has stuck a race livery on the Acura NSX Type S

By topgear, 27 September 2021

Motul celebrates 50th anniversary of its 300V racing oil with liveried Honda NSX Type S

Acura NSX Type S

If you’re anything like us, you’re a sucker for old race liveries. So you can forgive our interest being piqued by this curious thing – a digital rendering of the latest Acura NSX Type S in Motul livery.

Classic red’n’white graphics, HRE Vintage two-piece wheels in brushed gold… there’s a lot to like.

Just not a whole lot we understand. It appears this design is staying digital only, just a little treat to flag up both the 50th anniversary of Motul’s 300V racing oil and the launch of a new iteration, more sustainable than ever thanks to its use of ‘non-fossil renewable materials’.

If you need a reminder, the Type S is the 600bhp run-out special for the Honda NSX’s second coming. Well, Acura NSX in the States. Which is where most of the 350-run of Type Ss will stay, none coming to Europe. So even if this Motul version did exist, we wouldn’t be able to buy it…

Acura NSX Type S
Acura NSX Type S