Motul 8100 Power now available across Malaysia

By ramieza, 20 March 2023

Motul 8100 Power now available across Malaysia

Motul Asia Pacific announced that their latest product, the Motul 8100 Power, is now available to the Malaysian market. The announcement was made at the Sepang 12 Hours Endurance race, where Motul is the official lubricant supplier. 

The Motul 8100 Power was first unveiled at the Singapore Motorshow in January, and is a 100% synthetic engine oil specifically formulated to meet the demands of performance enthusiasts seeking an extra boost to their everyday driving experience. As a prominent company heavily involved in the racing scene, Motul has derived technology from past products solely for motorsport to tap into an untapped market, catering to the needs of consumers driving modern cars with high-performance engines. 

With the use of ESTER Technology honed by Motul’s years of expertise, the uniquely formulated Motul 8100 Power offers smoother engine operations as well as reliability with enhanced protection that combats Low Speed Pre Ignition (LSPI). 

Considering the harsh and intense weather conditions in Malaysia, the Motul 8100 Power adheres to any metallic parts for long periods providing constant lubricity and protection even in extreme heat. The newest product from Motul can be found in local distributors and Motul garages, coming in a range of viscosities to suit a variety of engines, including gasoline and diesel engines.