Moo-pow! Geely's latest EV is called the 'Kung Fu Cow'

By daryl, 27 September 2021

Geometry EX3 'Kung Fu Cow' launched in China, priced from under RM40k 

Geometry EX3

This is the 2021 Geometry EX3, the most affordable car in Geely's Geometry electric sub-brand's line-up. And if you can pick out the Chinese words on the plate, you'll see notice that it's called the 'Kung Fu Cow' in its home market. Don't believe us? Surely that bovine mascot inside the car isn't a complete coincidence. 

Amusing name aside, the Geometry EX3 offers quite an impressive electrified package to customers in China for an impressively low price. For an estimated price of 59,700RMB, which roughly converts to RM39,000, buyers get a decently-sized compact crossover which offers 322km of range under the NEDC cycle. For comparison's sake, the 2021 Mini Electric offers 232km of WLTP range for RM217k in Malaysia, though the Mini is naturally much more lavishly equipped than this cut-price Chinese EV.   

The EX3's 37.23kWh battery is liquid cooled and can be charged from zero to 80 percent in less than 30 minutes using a high-speed DC charger. That's approximately 250km in half an hour, which is quite a feat. Charging via a household 220V socket is also doable, albeit at a slower pace. 

geometry ex3 dash
geometry ex3 boot

Although the EX3's electric motor is only rated for a 70kW (94hp) output, it is endowed with a 180Nm of torque and a 'highly efficient regenerative braking system'. They're not the kind of headline figures that Tesla has gotten the masses desensitised to, but the EX3 should have no problem keeping up with other cars in its size/price segment. 

As for its actual measurements, the Geometry EX3 is 4,005mm long, 1,760mm wide and 1,575mm tall, with a wheelbase of 2,480mm. This makes it marginally bigger than the Perodua Myvi in every respect, with Malaysia's favourite hatchback measuring 3,895mm long, 1,735mm wide and 1,515mm tall, though its wheelbase is marginally longer at 2,500mm. Despite the electrification, the EX3 still has 500 litres of boot space to offer, which is expandable to a whopping 1,050 litres with the rear seat folded; you might just be able to fit a real cow in the back if you try hard enough. 

Availability for the Geometry EX3 is currently limited to the 20 cities covered by its Chinese dealership network at present. However, Geely will look into export markets in due course. Given its attractive price point and electric qualities, do you think the 'Kung Fu Cow' has what it takes to fight its way into the hearts of urban drivers in Malaysia?