Meeting of world class boxers over at Prodrive

By ahmadzulizwan, 21 May 2019

You don’t see lots of Subaru Imprezas nowadays, unfortunately for good reason. Not when hatchbacks and wagons can easily make over 300bhp in standard trim, and with on-board computers making sure that it has more traction going 150kph than a parked 90s ‘sports car’.

But this qualifies as ‘a lot of Subarus’, doesn’t it? These ten cars are all ex-works World Rally Cars apparently – yep, the liveries, scoops, wings and gold wheels are not just for show – and congregated at Prodrive’s HQ Friday last week just ahead of a special rally event scheduled for next month. According to Autosport, at least seven of em’ took on a hillclimb course over last weekend.


One of those cars even participated in the 1997 Rally of Indonesia, only the second and unfortunately final year when WRC had a championship round in the country. Colin McRae was the driver, although he didn’t finish while Kenneth Erikson in the other 555 finished third. Other cars in the group at Prodrive was once driven by other Subaru World Rally Team luminaries over the years including Petter Solberg and Juha Kankkunen.

This was reportedly the largest ever gathering of ex-works Subaru WRC cars which is only appropriate to be done at Prodrive where they were born. We wonder just how loud the convoy was.

Images: Prodrive Facebook page