Meet the kerb-unfriendly Ford GT Carbon Edition

By topgear, 31 October 2018
Ford GT

This is the Ford GT Carbon Edition. Its use of carbon wheels, a plastic engine cover and the deletion of cupholders and doorbins saves a grand total of… 18kg. Making it 1,367kg before fluids rather than 1,385kg. Hmm.

It’s a small drop when you consider those delicate-looking carbon wheels also have titanium nuts, and the exhaust system is now titanium, too. But hey, it’s not like the GT was a big fatty that needed a diet. We suspect the real appeal of this Carbon Edition is the way it looks, with more exposed carbon than any previous GT.


There’s exposed carbon stripes on the outside, exposed carbon sills on the inside and – of course – the exposed carbon wheels, the like of which will ensure you never park less than a metre away from a kerb.

If you’re not a fan of orange, then it’s one of four choices of ‘accent colour’, with the mirror caps, centre stripe and brake calipers also available in red, blue and silver.

Elsewhere, it’s regular Ford GT. Well, as regular as a carbon-tubbed, race-derived supercar with a 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6 sending 647bhp to the rear wheels gets.

Ford hasn’t quoted production numbers for the Carbon Edition, but says just one of these will be made each week, ensuring its rarity compared to the relatively mass market regular GT, which is pumped out at the rate of one per day.