Meet the carbon-clad Mazda MX-5 Drop-Head Coupe

By topgear, 10 January 2019

This is the Mazda MX-5 Drop-Head Coupe Concept. It’s being shown at the Tokyo Auto Salon, displaying a new accessory. Namely, a removable carbon fibre hard-top for when you want a bit of extra protection with less of a weight penalty.

It’s claimed to increase the car’s structural rigidity, too, but we wouldn’t presume by much, given it’s not a fixed item. Whether the soft-top remains fitted beneath is a mystery, but we’d assume it is.

Indeed, beneath the fancy new roof lies a completely standard MX-5 roadster, albeit one with a few flourishes. There are neat little 16in RAYS forged wheels, a new clutch and flywheel, a limited-slip differential and more hugging Recaro seats.

There also appears to be a very subtle little bodykit, with extensions for the front bumper and side skirts. It’s a neat, focused-looking thing and one we’d rather like a go in. Even if ‘Drop-Head Coupe Concept’ is a quite grand name for some new wheels and a carbon lid…