Max Verstappen is staying at Red Bull 'til 2023

By topgear, 08 January 2020

Last month, we brought you Eddie Jordan’s assertion that Lewis Hamilton will move to Ferrari in 2021. Well, one piece of news that helps catalyse that has been confirmed today: Max Verstappen is staying with Red Bull until 2023.

“I am really happy to have extended my partnership with the Team,” says Max, though we’re sure the upper casing of Team wasn’t his. “Red Bull believed in me and gave me the opportunity to start in Formula 1 which I have always been very grateful for.

“Honda coming onboard and the progress we have made over the last 12 months gives me even more motivation and the belief that we can win together. I respect the way Red Bull and Honda work together and from all sides everyone is doing what they can to succeed. I want to win with Red Bull and our goal is of course to fight for a World Championship together.”

His boss, Christian Horner, also said some words, with the capital Ts still flying around with abandon. “It is fantastic news for the Team to have extended our agreement with Max up-to and including the 2023 season. With the challenge of the 2021 regulation changes on the horizon continuity in as many areas as possible is key.

“Max has proven what an asset he is to the Team, he truly believes in the partnership we have forged with our engine supplier Honda, and we are delighted to have extended our relationship with him.”

So, Verstappen staying at Red Bull means the Hamilton-Leclerc partnership can still be a thing. Reckon EJ’s right? And reckon Max can rack up more trophies at Red Bull?