Look: it’s an actual, working flying car

By topgear, 01 July 2021

Mere hours after Hyundai’s European boss said his company was making “very significant investments” in what he called “urban air mobility”, a flying car built by a small Slovakian company called Klein Vision landed into Bratislava Airport after a 35-minute flight from the city of Nitra. Yes friends, what you’re looking at here is a real-life flying car. 

The AirCar landed in Bratislava at 06:05 on Monday morning. Its wings and tail were then retracted – an automated process that takes less than three minutes – before it was driven into the centre of town by the company’s founder, Professor Stefan Klein. 

The AirCar is powered by a 160bhp BMW engine and to-date has completed over 40 hours of test flights and 142 successful landings (it needs a runway, this car. No drone-style vertical take-offs here). It can fly at up to 8,200ft and cruise at 190 kph. The next prototype will use a 300bhp engine and should be able to cruise for over 967 miles at 299 kph. 

Reckon ‘cars’ like this will ever become truly mainstream?