Look at these incredibly brightly coloured Rolls-Royces

By topgear, 25 November 2020

Black Badge spec’ Rolls-Royces are normally pretty discreet. But not these ones, which are finished in near-luminous shades of green, red and purple inspired by exotic wildlife.

The three ‘Neon Nights’ cars were originally created for customers in the US (where else?), but Rolls says nine more vehicles (three in each colour) “are available for commission worldwide”.


Brightest of all is the Wraith, which is finished in a colour inspired by the Australian green tree frog. The Dawn’s red coachwork comes from an evergreen (everred?) tree native to Hawaii, while the purple (Rolls says blue) Cullinan mimics a species of butterfly found in Central and South America.

The Wraith and Dawn get colour co-ordinated stitching and piping, but the Cullinan gets contrasting details in bright green. Yikes.

You’ve long been able to spec a Rolls-Royce in literally any colour you want. They’ll even match the colour of an object – any object. We’re told one customer had their car colour-matched to their dog. So given genuinely limitless possibilities, would you have your Rolls-Royce in such a bright, look-at-me colour?