Limited Edition Yamaha Y15ZR & NVX Doxou debuts

By thoriq, 05 August 2019

Yamaha motorcycles assembler and distributor Hong leong Yamaha Motor Sdn Bhd (HLYM) unwrapped two limited edition offerings during its massive Yamaha Gen Blu Festival 2019 event held in MAEPS, Serdang last weekend.

In the presence of thousands of fans in attendance at the festival, the firm unwrapped both the Y15ZR Doxou supercub and NVX Doxou sports scooter offerings. These are limited edition specials that come with a few tasty bits.

For starters, both come dressed in the special and striking Doxou colourway that combines black, copper and blue. Apart from that, both specials will also treat owners with an exclusive premium gift set.

Said gift set consists of a specially designed Doxou headphones and keychain. Included too is an exclusive certificate inscribed with the specific bike’s chassis and engine numbers, thus seeing these specials aimed squarely towards avid collectors.

Yamaha have also prepared a complete collection of official apparel and merchandise for both these Doxou specials. In other words, Doxou isn’t just limited to a special colourway, it also a complete ‘lifestyle’ that Yamaha wants to pitch towards fans.

Typically, these specials possess to mechanical differences from the regular Y15ZR and NVX models they’re based upon respectively, which isn’t bad news entirely given just how notoriously peppy this 150cc supercub and 155cc sports scooter are to begin with.

Available for a limited time only and through authorised dealers starting middle of this month, the Yamaha Y15ZR Doxou limited edition special will command a base selling price of RM8,868 (excluding insurance and on-road costs).

The availability – and price – of the Yamaha NVX Doxou scooter twin, on the other hand, will be announced by HLYM at a later date.