Limited edition Toyota GRMN Yaris unveiled - 500 units only

By sep, 14 January 2022

Do you prefer the Toyota GRMN Yaris in Circuit or Rally Package?

Toyota Gazoo Racing (TGR) has officially premiered its latest and very limited 2022 Toyota GRMN Yaris earlier today at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2022. This fully-tuned GR Yaris model got some added refinements based on the many inputs of professional drivers and it comes in three different specs - basic GRMN Yaris, or with the optional Circuit Package and Rally Package.

What the GRMN Yaris offers is essentially a tuned GR Yaris with enhanced body rigidity, reduced weight of around 20kg, width increase and height reduction for improved aerodynamics, mechanical LSD, close-ratio gear transmission, low final gear set, and many more. In other words, it's a GR Yaris but with better brakes, grip, and overall performance.

The GRMN Yaris still runs the same 1.6-litre inline-three turbocharged engine which produces 272PS and 390Nm of torque, but with a weight reduction to around 1,250kg, future owners will have the ability to shave quite a decent time around the track thanks to its overall power-to-weight ratio improvements. 

As stated above, only 500 units will be made available for global consumption and it's all based on a reservation lottery. If you have your eyes on the Matte Steel GRMN Yaris Circuit Package, it's going to be a lot tougher as only 50 units will be sold out of the total allocation. Price? From 7,317,000-8,467,000 Japanese Yen (around RM268k to RM311k). Yikes.