Liberty Walk’s take on the Toyota Supra is predictably wild

By topgear, 10 June 2020

That one of Japan’s most famous modern-day tuners still hadn’t released parts for one of the most-hyped Japanese performance cars was somewhat perplexing.

Not as perplexing, though, as the end result you see before you. LBWK boss Wataru Kato has finally taken his traditional hacksaw approach to the arches of the A90, and the result is almost certainly the most bonkers looking Supra yet.


Check out those arch extensions and that ridiculously big rear spoiler. Old-school Supras were pretty much fair game for tuners, and that attitude seems to be transferring over to the new one too. It’s part of the Supra’s heritage.

Liberty Walk’s kit can be made from either fibreglass or carbon fibre reinforced plastic, with prices reflecting the material you decide. Full fibreglass will set you back US$17,930 (RM76,516), whilst the lighter CFRP is US$19,030 (RM81,210) on top of the RM568k price tag the GR Supra commands.

Don’t think it’s limited to the US or the Japanese domestic market, though - Liberty Walk Europe is taking pre-orders now, and deliveries will apparently start in August. Go on, you know you want to.