Liberty Walk’s last ever Aventador bodykit is RM790,000 of madness

By topgear, 06 August 2021

Liberty Walk rolls out Silhouette Works GT-EVO bodykit for the Lamborghini Aventador

Lamborghini Aventador Liberty Walk

One-hundred and eighty-seven thousand US dollars. Most of us would never even dream of spending that much (around RM790k) on a car, let alone on a fresh bodykit for a car we already own.

Still, for those very very rich folk that have become tired of how their Aventador looks (how?), Japanese tuner Liberty Walk has the answer. This – the Silhouette Works GT-EVO – will be its last ever kit for the big Lamborghini, and just 20 examples will ever see the light of day.

Pretty intense, isn’t it? There’s none of the trademark Liberty Walk riveted bodywork because this is its GT-racecar-like line, but just get a look at the size of that rear wing and its accompanying diffuser. The arches aren’t small, either. 

Now, don’t expect all 20 kits to cost $187,000 – that’s only if you fancy it in full carbon fibre. Prices start at a much more respectable (kinda) $94,600 (RM400k) for carbon fibre reinforced plastic panels. Bear in mind you will need to buy Liberty Walk’s own Aventador exhaust, though, as well as new wider wheels and an air suspension system to slam it all to the ground. It’ll still be pricey, then.

Thoughts on Liberty Walk’s latest madness, Internet?